Thursday, April 2

Not mowing. Affordable (not) Health Insurance

Latte. Besides, I could think of anything else for this blog. LOL

Was thinking yesterday that I would mow today, so I asked Rain what the chances of precipitation was according to the forecast and she said, "100%". So I told her that I guess I won't be mowing tomorrow (today). This morning I got up, took a shower, drank my coffee, watched TV for while, took my medicine like a good boy, and not once did I hear water falling on the metal roof. A little after noon I decided that since all my coffee was drank and the show that was on wasn't important enough to keep me inside, that I would do some aforementioned mowing. When I got onto the porch I noticed that the van was wet. Upon closer listening it was apparent that the sky was indeed dripping. Therefore the idea of mowing today passed. Luckily for you (not) that meant I now have time to write.
You know those commercials that say, "If you are one of the 47 million Americans without health insurance, now you can get some affordable insurance and are already qualified!" ? One of those came on a couple of days ago mentioning that for only $6 dollars a day for individuals or $10 dollars a day for families you could get their insurance. So I went to their web site, found contact information and sent them an email. I asked if they were serious about $180 or $300 a month being "affordable" to someone on disability income only, or were they kidding me that I should have that much "extra"? As you probably guessed, they haven't written back to answer my questions yet. It just annoys me that they think just because THEY say something is affordable that it really is. Like we can't do the math. Yes, I'm perfectly aware that if it really bothers me that much I should turn the television off.


Lee said...

Don't you qualify for free health insurance because of your disability? My eldest is disabled and he has qualified for that so I don't have to pay anything for his doctor visits or scripts. The only out of pocket I have for him is his dental. Technically if I changed his dentist he'd have that free too. But with his autism I'd rather pay the full fee and have someone work on his mouth that he has known for a long time and is relaxed around.

Rambleman said...

I do qualify for Missouri Medicaid, but my spend-down is $380-something they say has to be paid BEFORE they'll cover anything (hence why I don't consider it as insurance). I do have Medicare as well, but I haven't found a doctor or dentist that takes it. But there's a $200 yearly spend-down I have to meet too.