Tuesday, April 28

Chores, Weed killing, and doll picture

Only some of my mom's dolls(clicking enlarges)

All I can think to write at the moment is that I've gotten two loads of laundry washed and hung out on the line, taken a shower, shaved, started the dish washing machine, burned the trash, played a game of pool, watched the George Lopez show, the Price is right game show, a few minutes of Ellen DeGeneres, and have done the usual computer stuff (email, on-line socialization site called Gather, and now journaling). Also, I've spayed the latest round of weed killing solution to, well, some bunch-grass and other weeds. The 'solution' I speak of is from an idea a good friend uses, it's called bleach. If you recall, and even if you don't, I did start using white vinegar and was told about the bleach as a money saving idea which I've been using for a couple of weeks, off and on, mostly off because of it raining every couple to a few days. In fact it rained last night. The forecast was for only a 30 percent chance of showers today, hence my getting some clothes hung out.
A couple of months ago when I returned from Colorado I had brought a bag containing crossword puzzle and word-find books that my parents used to do. There were several of the word-find ones that for some reason (probably because they were mom's) I really got into them and finished finding all the words in the all of the puzzle books. I pretty much worked on them every chance I got, especially when there were commercials on the television. Unfortunately I finished the last one several days ago so haven't had any puzzles to work on. There is one in the bathroom, but that's for those who are going to be spending an undetermined amount of time visiting 'John' and need something to do besides just sitting there. LOL. Payday is only a few days away though, and I definitely want to get more word-find books. I do want to get those that give you a 'hidden' words to figure out after all the words on the list are found and there are unused letters remaining. I also brought home some crossword books for Rain. Dad was really good at those and so is Rain, so I figured she'd appreciate them, which she has and continues to do.
P.S. The reason I chose the picture at the top is because I wanted to include a picture but didn't know which one. So since I mentioned my parents, mom specifically, I thought the one of most of her dolls would work.

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