Wednesday, April 8

Mowing, weed killing, and eggs

mowed front yard - click to enlarge clumps o grass - click to enlarge

The weather is finally warm and the ground dry enough to mow. I got the front mowed out to the Rose of Sharons to the north, over to the Redbud tree on the east, and over to the fence on the other side of Angelica's room. Also did the back yard from the house to the other side of the wood shed and the other side of the swimming pool. I stopped after that because I wasn't sure if I should do the ex chicken yard, so I didn't. Besides, I need to pick up some of the small, red bricks that used to be around the chicken coop and put them somewhere. I'm thinking about possibly starting a brick path between the porch and the swimming pool deck. I know for a fact we don't have enough, but that won't stop me starting it.
I also want to split the Poplar stumps in half using the chainsaw, then cut all three of them as close to the ground as I can get. Something else I could do that Rain suggested, is drill a hole in the middle of each, pour molasses or something in and let the ants eat them till they're gone. I do like using the chainsaw, so I'm thinking that I'll probably do that 'just because I can'.
I took an old spray bottle that I filled ¾ full of water and then topped it off with white vinegar, and sprayed as many weeds and clumps of 'clump-grass' (not it's real name, but that's what it looks like). Not sure if that'll actually make that stuff start dying since it wasn't straight vinegar. Thought I'd give it a shot anyway. Speaking of clumps de la grass, last week I poured a cup of straight vinegar on the roots of two of them at the end of the porch. They are both starting to die, but it's suggested I pour one more cup on each of them. Possibly today.
Next on my mental-list is to take the trashes out and burn them in the barrel. Then either I will be bringing in the two loads of clothes that were hung on the line yesterday, suggest it to someone else, or help whoever bring them in and put them away. We also need to run up to 'The Egg Guy's' house and get some chicken eggs.


lovelife said...

you have been a very busy man. I sure hope we stay getting hotter in Mo. We got some snow the other day strange lol

Lee said...

Have I mentioned how jealous I am of your farm fresh eggs? LOL I love redbud trees too and they are too fragile for my zone 5 but they are gorgeous!

Rambleman said...

No, Lee, I don't think you have. They are quite tasty :-) Yes, there are quite a few Redbud trees in MO, so come on down and visit!! :-)