Tuesday, April 14

Movie upload (not), laundry, brick path

jpeg of pool table

I tried a couple of times to upload a short, 7 minute video with the size of 640X480 screen-size after I edited it with Windows Movie Maker. Pre-edit it's only 292 MB, but after the edit it is 656 MB. 656 megabytes takes a very long time to upload to YouTube even with our 'up-to' 1.5 MBps DSL. So long in fact that after starting the upload and waiting for an hour (twice) I canceled because it still hadn't finished and there's no way that I know of to see how much has uploaded and/or what the estimated time remaining is. My reasoning for not uploading the original is because I personally don't think anyone would watch 7 minutes of one person playing a game of pool by himself. Even if there was a little dancing and singing along with the music. But of course that is probably just my low self-esteem talking. *sigh* Besides, I changed the video settings on the camera to 380X240 so I may take another video because it should be fewer megabytes. If I do, it'll be tomorrow or later.
There are two washer loads of clothes hanging on the line that need to be brought in. Last time I checked, about half an hour ago, the first load was still a little damp. The sun is shining though, and the wind is breezing, so they may be dry enough by now. On the other hand, the only reason I did laundry is 1) Rain suggested it, 2) it's forecast to rain either tomorrow or the next day.
I did start a brick-path from the porch to the swimming pool deck, but there isn't even enough to make steps of 4-apiece (making a square) of 'steps' all the way over. So now I'm not sure what to do with them. Hmm...


lovelife said...

I would of watched the video

Rambleman said...

I still have it. I'll upload it tomorrow for ya :-)