Monday, April 6

Projects and inherited things

This is our new shower bar. The actual shower head we've had for a while, but just a few days ago we got that shiny, new extension so that the water comes down straighter. I think we need one more extension so that the shower-head is over the center of the bathtub. The extension was $20 bucks at Lowe's. I suppose if we wanted to really pinch those pennies I could make one with PVC pipe. We'll see.

This is a wall hanging that my mom had for mega years, that was sent to me after her passing. Finally decided where to put it, in the pool room on the wall. It really needs a frame though because it's pretty small, and it's the only thing on that wall, which makes it look even tinier. Plus I need to re-level it.

These were also mom's. My sister sent them to Rain, my wife, and now they are also in the pool room window. Unfortunately the weather got cold, and it's been cloudy, so they're not getting as much sun as they need. Hopefully Spring will actually start in a week and they'll get all comfy.

We also inherited this little gem that gives both the inside and outside temperatures. Plus the time, the top number. I took this last night when I was bored. It's held on the wall with double sided carpet tape because it was the easiest thing to use rather than Velcro.

Have had this for a week or two and couldn't decide where to put it. Last night we came to an agreement, that on wall next to the door we consider the front door, it would make a good shelf for outgoing mail. Or maybe sunglasses, or whatever is small and needs a temporary place to be. Oh yeah, and this was a shelf I made for mom when I was in high school about 20 years ago.


lovelife said...

looks like you have been busy finding stuff places to call home

Lee said...

I like how having things from our family make us feel still sort of connected when they are no longer here. We got a bunch of things when Kirsty's mom passed away. I got her watch and I wore it for 10 yrs till it broke and wouldn't work anymore. Oddly enough, I still kept it and can't bring myself to throw it out.