Friday, June 11

Comments, rain, vacuuming, and whatever else comes to mind

Since I started having to approve all blog comments, now I will be notified when one needs approval or rejection. I was signed-in to my Blogger account to delete a test entry when I noticed there were 6 comments waiting for moderation from as far back as last month. It was my fault that I wasn't getting the notifications. I forgot to tell Blogger what email address to send those to, which has now been done, so it won't take nearly as long to take care of the comments.
After we got home from delivering the school girl to school, the rain just started pouring buckets and sheets of water onto the land. Guess I won't be mowing today, and probably not for a few days, depending on when and how long we get sun shine.
Also, since son was still asleep, wife was in the bathroom, and I noticed how badly the living room carpet needed vacuuming, I vacuumed. If it ever stops raining, I need to take the bagless dirt catcher from the vacuum outside and dump it's contents, before I can vacuum well later. Also got the litter box room cleaned, and the 'clumps by cats' removed from said litter boxes and discarded. *smile*
Great news, daughter may have a job at a hair salon immediately after she graduates next month. She still needs to talk in person with the salon owner and workout the details, but it's looking promising. Just really proud of her (daughter, not the salon owner, although I hear good things about her :)
Last and least... I'm retrying Incredimail as my primary email client. I liked it a couple of years ago, but switched because we still had dial-up at the time and even email we sent to a group downloaded really slow when we got list mail. Now that we have high-speed, downloads are obviously much faster. Although because I desperately need more RAM for this computer, it (Incredimail) does run slow sometimes. Remember when 512 MB's of RAM was a lot? Now that amount is practically extinct and most new 'puters come with 1 GB or more. It'd cost me around $50 to get a RAM upgrade and we have more important things to buy first. Darn kids keep asking for food, clothing, cool indoor air and a place to sleep out of the weather, plus my medication, so we wait on computer thingies.

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