Thursday, June 24


Bissell 3130Knew that it had been a little while since I vacuumed the living room, but apparently it had been longer than I thought. The way I know this is because I just got through vacuuming it for the third time today and the dirt catcher on the vacuum (Bissell 3130) is almost full AGAIN. Although one of the emptying's was after the entrance between the front door and here (90 sq. Ft) got vacuumed, so close to 2 full canister's worth for just the living room. I'm thinking there's enough room for the dirt/debris that I'll be getting out from under the sofa cushions still, so it's all good baby. Last night it was our bedroom and closet's turn, so those are done. Next is the girl's bedroom, the cats' room, and around the edges of the kitchen's linoleum floor. *shweh* This housework is a lot of 'work'. Hence why I suppose it's NOT called houseplay. *smile* Probably won't do all of the remaining today however. "All work and no play...". *grin*

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