Monday, June 21

Flip-flops, Fathers Day, Yard hay

My new flip-flops

I've managed to resist wearing these things for 45 years. That was until last week. See, I've got this problem with Ingrown toenails, the big toes, mainly on my left foot, but also toe-fungus under the nails. That was caused by wearing work shoes that were apparently too narrow and squished my little toes against my big one thus causing it to grow down instead of sideways. I've been trying everything short of seeing a podiatrist and getting drugs and/or nail removal. My left big toe nail did come off a couple of years ago (maybe 3-4 actually). Ever since, I've been wearing wider shoes and being super diligent about trimming and medicating my nails, to no avail. Well, a little, but only to make it bearable, pain-wise, by trimming the corner that gets indented into my toe. Plus I could only remember that in the past when I had tried to wear them, there was trouble keeping them on. I don't have real dexterous toes easily manipulated into squeezing the foot-hold thingy in the front. This year I just decided that I would give them another try, thinking if I can keep them from getting hot & sweaty (feet, not the flip-flops), maybe they won't develop fungus. And since they will have room to spread, perhaps the ingrown issue will resolve itself too. That's the plan anyway.


It's been a good weekend. Granted that most are, but this was really good because my daughter treated the family to 'Steak 'n' Shake' for supper on Father's day. It was awesome, but I had too much sugar, mostly from the peanut butter shake I had after dinner.


Got the yard right around the house and trampoline mowed today. Plus I whacked the weeds down in Annabelle's doggy yard. Now we can see her when she's in the yard again. She's a small dog.


Other happenings... our neighbor cut and bailed our pastures. Mostly got round bales, but got a half wagon load of square ones because the chain on the round bailer broke. But he did get his hay, so it's all good. And lastly, I've got laundry going as I type and you read.


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Lee said...

Oh I think the best thing about summer is flip flops! I have to shamefully admit that i have 3 pair because they are so fun to wear!