Tuesday, June 1

Tuesday, bloody Tuesday

Ok, not really, but it IS a good song sang by a European group. We had a decent weekend, though nothing out of the ordinary happened. One COOL thing that did happen was that our 17-18 y.o. DD paid for two pizzas from Pizza Hut. They were delicious. Well, the peperoni one was, I didn't touch the one that had black olives on it. LOL.

Last month we got our monthly SSD money on the 1st instead of the normal 3rd of the month. We were really hoping that we'd get it on the first of this month too, 'cause we're very, very low on food. We have enough to get us through to Thursday though, so we'll be fine.

I did manage to get the window air conditioner installed in our DD's room. There ya go, I've got all the units put in and working. Though DD says she's bored with her room and is thinking about moving back out to the one room 'little white house'. Mostly because it would take time to move everything back out there, alone, because I don't really enjoy moving in general unless I absolutely have to (or it's my idea. lol).

Speaking of moving things, I've decided that the two sofas on the porch (loveseat, full-size) that humans never use and aren't in good enough shape for 'Freecyclers' to take, can be moved out to the ex goat shed with the old rubber tire pieces and goat-milking stand that's falling apart. Problem is getting someone to help me carry them. I just have a hard time asking for help unless I have to. This is one of those things I can't do alone, without a great deal of frustration anyway. *grin*

Need to mow, but it's not at the crucial stage so we can wait until we've bought gas for the mower. I could whack some weeds around the house with the electric weed whacker. Have to think about that.


Lee said...

Wish we were close by; I'd help lug sofas!

Todd said...

That would've been nice of you. Had I bother to ask to inconvenience anybody, I could've had help.

I apologize for taking so long to approve your comment, but I *wasn't* notified via email that I had any comments waiting for moderation. *sigh*