Monday, May 31

Stolen electric chairs and dish stacking

Latte in MY chair
I was contemplating going for a "walk" later via my electric chair, but as you tell, Latte had other plans.
Clean dishes from afar

This picture was taken while I am in the other room with just computer light and shards of light from the living room, in front of the computer. It's about 26 feet, through the living room, into the kitchen. The picture was originally very dark, but with lots of editing I was able to get a pretty close representation of their real colors.

Extreme closeup

This is what I call an "extreme closeup" with some editing to make somewhat clearer, from blurry caused by being close (5 ft) and then zooming in the camera lens. LOL. Basically I wanted to show you how good my significant other is at stacking cleaned dishes.
And last but least... THIS is what I had for lunch, er, as a snack. LOL


Alyx said...

I could make a joke about you and the electric chair, Todders, but I'll behave myself LOL

I'm pretty good at dish stacking myself, but Rain takes the cake. If I tried to do that, you'd hear the clattering of pots and pans all the way to MO ...

Todd said...

Thanks for NOT making a joke about the electric chair, though it probably would've been a good one. Don't hold back because of my feelings.

She is really good, hence why none of the rest of us even try and compete. She's the one that usually does the dishes, although *once in a while* I get a nice bug and do them.

I apologize for taking so long to approve your comment, but I *wasn't* notified via email that I had any comments waiting for moderation. *sigh*