Wednesday, May 19


After about 2 months of not smoking/absorbing any nicotine, today I smoked 1/2 a cigarette and now have a Snus (nic. pouch) between my cheek and gums :-( I suck!


Stuff On My Blog said...

I've never smoked thankfully, but most of my family did/does. I know what a long hard slog it is to quit. I'm assuming the nic thingy is a smoking cessation aid? If so then you did not fail.. get back on that horse immediately!

Mama Tara said...

You do not suck! Quitting is hard. Take the tobacco out and take it one minute at a time. Breathe... You can do it!

unschool said...

Half a cigarette is so little! Hardly even a relapse, I would say. :)

Todd said...

@Caz: The Snus (pronounced: snoose) is what you said it is.

@M.T: Thank you. Very much!

@Unschool: I know, but still. Haven't had any part of one since. So it's all good, I guess.