Saturday, May 1

It is the little things, right?

"They" say 'it's the little things that count', or so I've heard. So I'm rather proud of myself for not smoking anything since 4-23-2010. That's also the day I decided that I would cut way back on coffee intake as well as refined sugar. Although I no longer make an entire carafe (8 cups) of coffee in the morning, I do still have about 4.5 cups per day. That's broken-up though. One mug (mug = 1.5 cups) first thing in the morning. Then another one a couple of hours later, and usually one more mug in the afternoon. So I've definitely cut down the coffee, which in turn means less refined/white sugar since I no longer add 2 teaspoons per mug. I admit that I do succumb to the desire to have a soda pop when we splurge and get a couple/few 2 liter bottles, or stop at a grocery store or restaurant. Gotta have my chocolate from time to time as well. But other than that... LOL. No smokes, less coffee, less sugar equals at least a little improvement in taking care of myself, and that's what counts, right? At least I'm trying.



me said...

Congratulations on the not smoking! been there done there - it's not easy but worth it in the long run :)
As for everything else, there is another saying I like 'everything in moderation' or another one ' a little of what you fancy does you no harm :)

(That comment above is dodgy spam by the way - kept getting them on my blog which is why it's on moderated comments now. The chinese writing is fine but if you click on the dots it redirects you :(

Lee said...

Cool! I have a couple mugs of coffee a day but I like my caffeine straight up with no sugar or creamer to adulturate it!

Todd said...

Me: Thanks, and I like those sayings as well. As for the spam that WAS there, it's been deleted. Will think about moderating the comments.

Lee: Yep, that's how I've started drinking it - straight up! :-)