Tuesday, May 25

Tinkering and stuff

Don't if that's the right word, selfishness I mean. I still haven't gotten to my Facebook or Twitter peeps to find out what they're (you) have been up to. Guess I'm just in a tinkering kind of mood, and by tinkery I mean getting the computer to start-up like I want. Annoyingly, I haven't been able to get the blog writer 'Zoundry Raven' to start when the computer is restarted. Yes, there's a 'scheduled' task set that's suppose to make it start, but obviously that isn't working. I'm trying to do that so that before I open the email program or Internet browser, I can send a message to my e-list, FB, and Twitter maties. Will mess later. Right now I've got to get ready to head into town to pick up a DD and get my DW to her interview, or vice versa. Wish her success please. Thanks. <3




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