Thursday, May 20

Storm pics

On our way home from Lebanon yesterday the sky just kept getting darker and darker until we got home. Then later in the evening the rain just dumped on us. I thought it was kind of cool. Anyway, the below are the pictures I took from the car using my cell phone camera.


Was raining so hard you could barely see out.


Storm to the eastWhen the storm was to the east of us (still in car)


At the ride's darkest - cool!It was actually a bright sky only minutes before this picture. Cool though, huh?


I LOVE being IN storms! *Grin*



Stuff On My Blog said...

Awesome stormcloud shots! I love a good storm.. as long as I'm at home so I can observe from the verada with coffee ;) That one looks like it would have dumped a fair bit of rain in short order!

Todd said...

It did indeed dump a lot of water on us, but it was a couple of hours after those pictures. We have a tin roof over the house and porch and it got pretty LOUD. lol