Wednesday, May 26

Bi-Annual clean and connection

6 months ago I set-up a reminder to tell me when it's been 6 months since the cleaning of the CPU case. Today I got said reminder, and I'm back up and running, more or less. When I restarted just after the clean, I got an error saying that Microsoft didn't trust (paraphrase) my Linksys USB wireless connection hardware. I inserted the disk and installed the program. I had NOT checked a setting the last time, so I figured I would this time. Couldn't get a connection. Sigh. So I uninstalled, restarted, reinstalled the adapter, and VOILA, it's working again. Now it's time to do my daily things (body test, litt. box clean, feed cats). Then I'll come back here, eventually, and check on you Facebook and Twitter friends and acquaintances. *smile*




Wanda Mae said...

GENIUS! I should set some reminder like that..

Todd said...

Thanks. I have a personal/family only e-group on Yahoogroups for *just* reminders. So it send me and me wife reminders via email so we don't have to worry about missing a pop-up reminder from a calendar program. Although I'm thinking about reinstalling that. *hmm*

I apologize for taking so long to approve your comment, but I *wasn't* notified via email from Blogger that I had any comments waiting for moderation. *sigh*