Saturday, May 22

Old-fashioned T-ramble

Cheers, maties! Got the idea that today might be a good day to re-invent a "ramble" since this blog's URL implies I'm a man that does that. Not that I have a great deal to say, or that anything profound has happened, just feel like it, ya know?


In case you're wondering... no, the contents of the mug that I'm saying, "Cheers!" with has no alcoholic beverage in it, just decaffeinated coffee. There's no good reason that I switched to decaf, other than I noticed a couple of weeks ago that my mornings went just as well (perkily?) whether I started with coffee or didn't. So I thought, "Well, let's see if drinking decaf w/o sugar confirms that I don't need caffeine". The reason for the non-sugar route is/was to find out if I had to pee less frequently, assuming it was mostly the sugar in my coffee that precipitated the frequency, not the sheer amount (1 8-cup carafe). I think the amount of trips to the bathroom has gone down. Could be due to not drinking the 'cups' as quickly. Thinking about it, I think the urgency before the bathroom trips has diminished as well. Hmm. I had switched to 'instant' coffee packets several weeks ago because I wanted to reduce the amount of cups of Java I was consuming. Then I decided to do 'decaf' but the boxes of packets sold were only in boxes of 8 packs vs. 16 in the regular. AND they didn't have any other flavor other than 'regular' decaf, so we got a special, already ground bag of decaf to save money. Been making morning pots the last couple of weeks. As for the strength of my coffee, right now it's really weak (1/8 cup to brew 8 cups). I was doing 2 scoops of the 1/8 cup but without sugar it was too bitter. I'm now contemplating adding at least a third of a cup of sugar per pot/carafe and upping the coffee amount back to 2 scoops so it tastes like coffee rather than 'coffee flavored water'. Eww. LOL.


My almost 18 year old daughter will be graduating Cosmetology College in a couple of months, actually about a month and a half. And before you know it she'll have a good job. Then she'll probably start dating more, going out 'on the town' sometimes , moving to her own place, and discovering all that life has to offer. And she's got big plans! Scary for me, but I suppose it was bound to happen sooner or later. *happy sigh* We're so proud, seriously proud! Her instructor sent her home with a note asking us if she has lined up any places to work because "a lot of clients want to know where she'll be so they can follow her". Aww. *teary eyes* So that's going to be an important project we'll be embarking on: going to various hair salons and seeing who's going to need an awesome cosmetologist named Angelica.


I've kind of ran out of writing umph, so I'm going to let you get back to your regularly scheduled weekend O fun. Not sure what I'll be doing today. Perhaps some using of the weed-eater and/or riding mower. Tomorrow the same, other than watching an NBA semi-final game of the last two series before the Championship series. Peace Out!



Lee said...

Too bad Angelica lives so far away. Sigh. I seriously need her assistance! (grin) Congrats, though!

Todd said...

Yeah, I know. Maybe if you bribe her? LOL. Anyway, I'll pass on the congrats.