Wednesday, May 12

2 nap or not. Socializing. Feeling

Unlike yesterday morning, I am not taking a nap this morning. I usually don't anyway. Yesterday morning had me feeling just really, really sleepy, as if I hadn't slept well, although I slept straight through the night/morning. Felt so good after yesterday's nap that I'm contemplating making morning naps the norm. Seemed like a good idea, yet when it came time to lay down just a little bit ago, just ain't tired or sleepy, so have opted out of that an in to (que music) dah-dah-dah-daht-dadada - computer time. Woot! LOL.

Not really feeling ready to open myself up to "the world of on-lineness" (made up word), some time was killed by uninstalling a few unused therefore unneeded programs. Once that was done however, there was nothing left to do except be social, sort of, if you call seeing typed or recorded words that must've came from other humans appear on the screen. As opposed to a giant computer in the sky just making me *feel* that I'm 'talking' to someone. I mean, with "today's technology" (thinking of how real seeing someone getting hit by a car on TV seemed the other day [Tom Selleck, Jesse Stone, No Remorse, CBS]), it's not totally out of the realm of possibility that virtual world socialization IS enough in life. Not buying into that though, because oddly enough, it IS fun at times to interact with other humans that are REAL. Not that it happens often, but it does. LOL. I think it's about time to arrange a real life get together with off-line friends :-)

Okay, it rained a lot yesterday so no mowing today, probably not tomorrow either. Though if I feel the *need* to do something appearing to be necessary and thus would vindicate my presence, I could mow tomorrow. That'll be decided later, obviously.


A feeling I had earlier to describe my mood was... Predictable, as in just feeling very predictable lately.



Lee said...

Oh you watched the Tom Selleck movie too? I love that Jesse Stone series and taped that one. I have only seen the first 30 minutes though as i finished the ironing I was doing watching it! LOL

Todd said...

Yep, we sawed it. *grin* There a scene towards the end that looks SO real - freaky :)