Tuesday, May 25

@ start-up

Apparently I was just being impatient. I've restarted the computer 3 times recently and ZR started. Sigh. Anyway, laundry's, lunch has been eaten, and in 20 minutes or so I'll switch to TV viewing. I only do one thing at a time (usually) because it's easier for me to enjoy getting entranced in either the TV show, OR the computer.


BTW, her interview went well and she'll probably start part-time (3 days/weekend, 12 hour days) next month. It's only temporary/seasonal (summer) work, that's okay though.






Lee said...

You ate your laundry? ROFL

Todd said...

I've been making a lot of typos lately. Something's wrong with me. *grin* But no, that laundry didn't get eaten, but it did all get put away :-)

I apologize for taking so long to approve your comment, but I *wasn't* notified via email from Blogger that I had any comments waiting for moderation. *sigh*