Friday, May 14

Caffeine shortage. Weather. To-do list

Have finished drinking my 3 mugs/8 cups of coffee; decaf if you insist on knowing. Today is my 2nd day of not having any caffeine - WOOT :) Remember the other day when I couldn't decide if I should start nap-taking every day? Anyway, haven't actually laid down in the bed during the day (still take the long, dark nap between midnite and ??). Have caught a few "power naps" of 15-30 minutes while laying on the living room sofa. During the day that seems to be enough to re-charge me. Perhaps that's why I like cats so much, I understand their short sleep cycles. It's possible, right?


It's raining today, just like it did yesterday and a little the day before. I suppose it really doesn't bother me all that much. It's not like the yard grass will grow out of control and envelop the house if I don't cut it. It will cause me to use more gas when I do finally get to, because I'll have to go over the grounds twice if I want area to look all spiffy. Though I know deep down that it doesn't have to look as good as a golf course's, I still like it to be neat (grass mostly the hight). The beginning of this paragraph isn't exactly accurate. Today it has been raining all day. There've been pretty long breaks between showers two days prior. Not a huge deal though.


Trash barrel and lid If the trash needs to be taken out before I can burn it in the trash barrel, I can still put all the trash in the barrel and put a makeshift lid on it (square of plywood held down by a bucket of filled water bottles). The barrel holds at least two 'regular' days worth of trash.


Have considered bringing the electric drill and extension cord from the shed and going upstairs & into the attic. Could add more crossbars in the attic to make the insulation less likely to fall down. Since I'm only about 80% of my usual health and energy, not going to do that today. Actually don't know when I will. I still need to take the new duct tape we bought a couple of weeks ago, on top of the house and "seal" any gaps between the metal roof shingles. Again it's raining, so won't being doing that today either. What will I be doing today, you ask? Resting, pampering myself more than usual, finish the load of laundry I started in the washing machine, play a little on the computer. In general try to be low-key so son and daughter can rest/sleep and get completely over our colds.



Lee said...

hope you all feel better soon!
Caffeine free? I am in awe. I have concluded I could not survive without caffeine! ROFL

Todd said...

Thanks. Hopefully this will be a very short-lived cold.

I don't know how long I'll be off caffeine. Right now it's just to see if I actually *need* it.