Thursday, June 17

Things to do, games to watch

Before I sit here and go through all that email I just downloaded, just letting you know that I will catch-up with you all. It's forecast to be a hot one today, so I want to get the burnable trash out to the burn-barrel and well, you know. Then I'll probably shave my face, then take a shower. THEN I'll get all "social" and see what others are saying on this fine day.
You know that game 7 of the NBA championship finals between the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers will be on this evening. Although I'd like to see The Celtics win tonight/the series, I honestly do not know how to expect them to play after getting SO thoroughly STOMPED on Tuesday evening. It was just embarrassing the way they played almost the entire game. They lost by 22 points. Hoping that they 'leave it all on the floor' because they have nothing to lose by doing so. Like the pre-game video that is played before each game where we hear some old coach say, "Never underestimate the heart of a champion" implies, I hope it's the Celtic champions that play with heart. Though the Laker's have won quite a few championships themselves, they will probably play the same way. Honestly, I just hope it's an exciting game where ALL the players on both teams play absolutely awesomely. Whichever team wins is okay with me, as long as the loser competed 100% of the game. Who are you routing for?

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