Wednesday, June 16

It's me again

Not that it matters though. I mean, who do I think I am anyway?

06-16-10_1012.jpgGot the yard mowed the other day... looks nice. I'm leaving the grass on the sides of our driveway UN mown so it looks like a plane landing strip without the lights. So now when cars pull into our driveway they will know where the sides are.
Actually, since we've had the car, as opposed to the van, and Angelica started college, we go up and down said driveway pretty much everyday. It's very clear where the tire paths are. When we had the van we only left the property/area a couple times a week, if that. Now we "go" 5 or 6 times a week since the car get almost 4 times better gas mileage. The van got 10 MPG on average, whereas the car gets between 35-41 MPG (depending on how much coasting is done), so we can actually afford to go more.

Other than the above, not a lot going on. A couple of days ago someone said they were interested in our place for $75K but they had to check with their roommate before arranging a look around. Haven't heard anything since, so we don't really know if they're still interested. If/when we move to The Big City, we're looking at apartments that we can best afford on my disability income. There are really nice ones at a place called "Eko Apartments" that we're interested in. Not going to check them out in person until there's an offer made on this place though. Wish us luck, cross everything for us

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