Saturday, July 24

Good to back because

Noticed earlier today that my 'puter was doing funky things, like opening a web site and attempting to start a download when I opened my browsers (either IE8 or Chrome), which I didn't let it do. After trying to unsuccessfully re-install Ad-Aware a few times, I decided to run the Windows Malicious Software Removal program , but it stopped scanning for some unknown reason. Sigh. Ran a 'full system scan' using my antivirus program which found 1 "infected file" and deleted it. Unfortunately the deleted file re-installed itself. Downloaded Spybot1.6.2 and ran another 'FSS' and SB removed the "Microsoft.Windows.AppFirewallBypass" trojan. This apparently happened when I downloaded, installed, and ran a 'registry cleaner/fixer' that I couldn't use because the "free trial" started only after giving them a credit/debit card number. I don't think so. I thought it was a trusted site and therefore download because it was a link on Ad-Aware's web site.

Here's what Spybot says about it:

Threat: Security

"This is being flagged whenever an application is configured to accept incoming connections through the Windows Firewall. Most applications do not need to accept incoming connections like servers do."

Other than that, I haven't been socially active today, other than responding to 1 email, or two, and reading 3 people's blogs. Did get the inside of the toilet bowl cleaned though. Didn't get the living room vacuumed yet. Wanted to do it on Wednesday. Wasn't able to get motivated enough to interrupt everyone's computer worlds with noise. Right now would probably be a good time. Just so you don't think I've done nothing else today, you should know that my daughter's bicycle has been oiled and adjusted. *smile* Now, although I've got time and my computer back, I'm kind of tired of sitting in front of the monitor. It is Sunday Saturday though, so evening on-onlineness on line-ness isn't a must. Facebook? Maybe later. Vacuuming... probably.

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Lee said...

I had that smae malicious thing happen during the winter!