Sunday, July 11

Word of the day - Spurts

The reason I mention that particular word is because it came to me while I sitting out on the porch. Had been mowing for about an hour in 90 degree (F) and I was HOT. It occurred to me that the "way" I get as much done as I do is because I do it in "Spurts" (usually 30 minutes). Probably should NOT have rode around on the mower for so long knowing that I was over heating. Me being me though... Once I get started doing something, I don't like to stop, in fear that I won't be able to get going again. Wasn't on the porch, sitting for long (10 minutes) since I wasn't cooling off as fast as I would've liked. So I came inside to cool off in the air conditioned room that's right around 75 (F). Figured while I was in here that I might as well write something. It's now been almost 15-20 minutes (forgot to look at the clock), a little water has been drank, and I'm a little cooler. Like everyone else, once I'm overheated, the energy may or may not come back to me today. However, it's looking like it might rain, so it's an equal ratio of sun:clouds:breeze, therefore a bit cooler feeling at least. Want to get some of the ugly tall grass cut down to size. Thinking I'm not going to go for much longer though, although it's only 12:39 PM.

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