Thursday, July 8


And when say the word, "socialization", I am NOT referring to home education. I'm merely speaking about how we've been going, and going, and going for the last week and a half. We've been to Springfield, MO and drove around. Been to a couple of Wal-Mart Super Centers (1 in Sprngfld, 1 in Lebanon), and even went to the mall (again in Sprngfld.). Then last evening we had one of our family's best friend & her brood over for a really nice visit. Unfortunately her DH didn't come with her, so I didn't get any "man" bonding. That's fine though, really, because I've actually gotten along with women better for a long time now. We adults talked about whatever came to mind, the teens (14-ish) young men (1 ours, 1 hers) played a Wii Video game, while her two girls wondered around trying to find things to do since 'the boys' were monopolizing the Wii. Like I said, a lot of good socialization happened. Hadn't visited, really visited with her for a couple of years. Now we're going to want to do it again before 2 more years pass. Yep, we're addicted to friendship!


Lee said...

Sounds like a great time. I loved the jibe at "socializing" with homeschooling! LOL

Todd said...

I know that among HS naysayers that's seems to be there main 'argument' so I figured if someone was searching info about that, they'd find my blog. *lol*