Monday, July 5

Our holiday weekend

Not much to say really. Didn't get to see any "expert" fireworks displays in person, though we did watch the one from Boston that was televised. We saw a few strays that people were shooting from their yards that were pretty, albeit small, as we drove passed. Thought about shooting some bottle-rockets off but didn't because it's been SO dry lately.
Today we went to Springfield to buy a piece of equipment for our daughter. Swung by the mall for a bite to eat. Then we stopped by the "Eko" apartments to see if we could take a look at a 2-bedroom that was for rent. Unfortunately the office manager was out of the office and we didn't feel like waiting 45 minutes for someone to come to the office. They looked nice enough. Will be looking at others that're similar but less expensive for when we sell the house and land. No hurry as of yet though.
Oh, and I changed the look of my home blog page. Added a banner picture and changed the background. Check it out and let me know what you think.


Lee said...

Love the new bloggy look! :-)

Todd said...

Thanks, purr-she-ate-it :)