Thursday, July 29

Scanning for viruses and trojans

Been wondering where my online presence has been? Well, as it turns out I had a virus named "Virus: Win32/Alureon.H". It was found by the Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool program, It only "partially" repaired the infection and suggested I run a full-system antivirus scan after a restart, which I did using Avast (free) antivirus. It found nothing, said the PC was clean, so I ran another scan with the Window's program and it said my computer still had remnants of the Alureon.H virus. Downloaded the " Norton Power Tool ", ran a scan. The results were that some other 'virus/malware' (command & RegCureSetup RW[1] dot exe) had been found and fixed. Ran the Window's program again w/ the results of "Win32/Alureon.H" *still* existing. heavy sigh. Uninstalled Avast and downloaded/installed the (free) AVG 9 program and did a full scan with that, which found, you guessed it...NOTHING. Just to be safe I ran yet another hour long scan with the WMSRT tool and it claimed I still had at least some partial Alureon.H files somewhere. This morning I downloaded and installed yet another free antivirus program called " Kasperky Antivirus 2010 " (trial version). Plus, I did a search on the Kasperky site for "Win32/Alureon.H" and found no information on it at all. *shrug* The computer is being "deep" scanned with that as we speak, but it just completed. It found and deleted a virus named Trojan-GameThief.Win32.Magania.dkjf . Why is Windows the only program finding remnants of the virus Alureon.h? Aliases for the same virus? Anyway, consequently I have not been to Facebook or Twitter since yesterday afternoon because the scanning really slows down my computer. I think I got virus from downloading/installing "Adaware Pro" whose link I found and followed from the Lavasoft site :-( Speaking of new-to-me programs, I downloaded, installed, and ran the Ad-Aware Antivirus Security software earlier this month, but it didn't have an email scanner, so I uninstalled it. Installed AVG9.0 but thought at the time that it slowed the computer down too much. Maybe that wasn't what caused the slow-down? This all (scanning) started yesterday in the early afternoon after I tried and failed to get Windows Updates. Microsoft has contacted and assisted me. I can now download updates! Unfortunately, the latest one won't install. Anyway.... that's all the exciting news I've got. You?


FYI - If you think you might have a virus that's causing problems you can download a mini scanner from Kasperky*.


*Download the file from the following link and save it on the Desktop.

2. Double click to unzip the file.

3. Double click TDSSKiller.exe to scan the system.

4. Wait for the scan and disinfection process to complete.

Please Note: The third-party product discussed here is manufactured by a company that is independent of Microsoft. We make no warranty, implied or otherwise, regarding this product's performance or reliability.

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